• Full carved
  • Sterling silver corner plates, conchas, stirrp bolts, stirrup trim & horn cap
  • Flat seat, padded, rough-out
  • 3/4 In-skirt flat-plate rigging
  • Double row silver lacing around fork & cheyenne roll
  • Low horn, Swell fork,  3" cantle
  • Wide visalia style stirrups
  • Tree made by me
NOTE the effect of using a double row of silver lacing.  The spirals are longer and at a more accute angle.  Do you agree that it is more aesthetically pleasing.

  • All saddles with the  brand have:
  •  Sheepskin linings
  •  Quality rawhide covered trees
  •  4 Guage copper rivets used in riggings
  •   All screws are bronze (boat builder's quality) to avoid corrosion

  • Look for this logo!

    I recomend members of The Saddlers and Harness Makers Association of Australia for all your quality saddlery supplies and repairs