• Solid timber tree, covered with fibre glass
  • Sheep skin seat
  • 21/2" leather stirrup leathers, leather fenders
  • Flat plate leather rigging (double thickness)
  • Tall horn (shown) for training cutting horses
  • Typical cutting or reining style fork,  3" cantle
  • Metal oxbow stirrups 
  • Can also be made with nylon webbing stirrup leathers without fenders and a variety of horn styles
    The beauty of these saddles is that if they get busted up they can be easily repaired with fibre-glass.
The solid timber tree inside the fibre-glass, means that the rigging can be screwed anywhere to the tree and it will "hold".  Unlike the fibre-glass shell type training saddles in which the screws holding the rigging tend to strip the threads because the screws are only threaded into the fibre-glass shell.
Another advantage of having a solid timber tree inside a fibre-glass covering, verses the fibre-glass shell type trees is that I do not have to have moulds made for every size and style of training saddle tree and I can easily adjust the shape of a timber tree fit any particular horse, before the tree is covered with fibre-glass

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